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Monday, October 16, 2006

First PS3 TV Ad Debuts, Is Really Weird

The first TV ad for the PS3—"The Wait"—is now floating around that damnable Internet and we've really got to hand it to Sony: not only does the ad not tell us a single thing about their upcoming system, but they've somehow managed to create an ad that evokes the same type of feeling you get when you watch the "Daisy" ad and a "say no to drugs" commercial. Bravo. At least there's no melting clocks this time around.

First North American PlayStation 3 Commercial: "The Wait" [Kotaku]

Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy Birthday VHS!


It was only 30 years ago this week that JVC received a IEEE milestone for development of the VHS Video along with releasing the first VHS player. You kicked that Betamax's ass right to the curb and you can celebrate three decaded later by watching HD DVD kick another Sony proprietary media to the curb, Blu-Ray.

I wasn't even alive at the time of your birth, but you still managed to kick-start my life of stealing video media with the help of recordable formats, like VHS. Some companies may still make VHS players, or combo players, but it is inevitable that you have died. Rest in peace VHS, rest in peace.

To celebrate the life of the VHS, I ask you, the readers, to share your favorite VHS memories. My favorite memories were when I was a kid—I turned the VHS player into a secret cave/hideout for my Ninja Turtles. My mom got pissed that I was cramming Ninja Turtles in the VHS player, but she got over it.

Happy Thirtieth Birthday to the VHS Video Format [Gizmag]

Trust PW-1100P Notebook Surge Guard


Built with two and three-pin adapters, this Trust PW-1100P notebook surge protector works great with most notebook AC adapters, sitting in-between the power and your laptop. The devices makes sure wherever you are, you're always safe from dirty spikes or other hazardous electrical failures that will fry your laptop faster than you canthrow away that Sony battery.

There are also two landline analog ports to protect your modem from surges as well, but most of the time you're going to be using ethernet or WiFi unless you're visiting some third world country, like Ventura, CA.

Laptop Surge Protector [Bios Magazine via uber gizmo]

Limited Edition Star Wars USB Flashdrives


An Imperial spy informs us that Mimoco's going to drop a Darth Vadar USB flash drive tomorrow. A limited run of 3500, too, so you'd better queue up now if you want one. They're officially sanctioned by his royal Lucas-ness, and will go for $80 bucks for a 1GB version, all the way to $170 bucks for a 4GB version. That's a whole lotta space bucks for 4GB isn't it?

You know what would be cool? If this Darth Vadar USB drive's cap didn't have little bear ears, and if the helmet was in the shape of the dark lord's helmet. And if the USB plug looked like James Earl Jones. For the record, I'd consider rocking a Han Solo model, for sure.

Kingston's Waterproof USB Drives For Aquaman's Home Business


If you're worried about losing your data to theft or water damage—Hurricane Katrina victims?—Kingston's DataTraveler Secure should be right up your alley. Not only does it have 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) hardware encryption, it's protected by a titanium waterproof coating that protects your drive from agua for up to four feet.

The drives are available in up to 4GB sizes (£147 or $273), and have a read and write speed of 24MB/s and 10MB/s respectively. Definitely useful if you're using your flash drives out in the field like Jack Bauer where you can get wet at a moment's notice.

Kingston Launches Waterproof USB Drive [Bios Magazine]

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Waleli's GSM Doorbell Links Your Door to Your Phone


If you're tired of forgetting your keys—or your roommates forgetting their keys—get the GSM doorbell and you'll never have to worry again. It mounts onto your door, and when rung, calls a pre-programmed number. Punch in a key-code in your phone and the door unlocks automatically. Never get up from your chair again.

Also, this new version lets you call the device to unlock it directly without having to ring the bell. You can phone your door as you approach your home so it's unlocked when you get there. This sounds pretty damn convenient if we don't have to spring for a calling plan for the doorbell.

Product Page [GSM Doorbell via Textually]

One Click Butter Cutter for Calorie Counters, Obsessives, Lazy Bums


Too tired or lazy to cut your butter in the morning? Here's a machine that'll do it for you, precisely measuring a 35-calorie portion at a time. Keep in mind, butter is 100% fat.

This could actually be useful. If you're a fanatic about calorie counting, dole out a controlled portion, count it accurately, slim down. While you're at it, don't forget to count those crows on the clothesline.

Product Page
[whatever works, via über review]

Monday, October 09, 2006

Brando USB Twister Hub: Rubik's Cube on a Stick


Brando adds one more product to the near-infinite variety of USB hubs with its USB Twister Hub, a four-port USB 2.0 expander with Rubik's Cube-like modules that twist to your bidding. It's $26.

This is mildly amusing-looking, but not so cute when it's populated with plugs twisted every which-way. It would be much more useful if it were a power strip.

Product Page [Brando]

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Shareplayer: Shares Files, Cares


The Flashpoint Shareplayer is an MP3 player/radio that can record voice and store files, ranging in sizes from 128MB to 4GB and starting at $89.99. For those functions alone, the Shareplayer seems a little expensive.

But the Shareplayer can do more, like...errr...sharing. Sure, MP3s can be downloaded to another computer (unlike the iPod), but can also be shared to any mobile device with USB support. Pictures can be loaded onto a friend's digital camera - or downloaded to free up space. Hey, maybe you could go on your next vacation without the laptop - nah.

Essentially, the Shareplayer does exactly what we wish all USB thumbdrives/MP3 players could do -everything. It will just cost you a little more.

Product Page [via gadgetell]