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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

PQI Chinese New Year Inspired Credit Card Drive


Good news pigs! PQI is releasing a limited edition Fortune Pig Edition flash card drive. It's a 2GB flash drive in the shape of a credit card adorned with dragony-ish Chinese-y designs on the front to make you believe that storing your Firefox bookmarks is some kind of ancient Chinese secret.

They're only making 500 units of the 2GB model and 1000 units of the 1GB model, so if you're a pig (2007 is the year of the pig), then you may want one for yourself.

PQI Limited Fortune Pig Edition Card Drive U510 [Far East Gizmos]

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Continue Plug Design Promises Infinite Outlet and Electric Fire

Continue is not only a plug designed for any electrical equipment, but also a socket. In the many situation, one socket cannot cope with the large number of digital equipment, so we must increase another one or more socket to meet this need. It gives the user a mess that large wires and sockets come together. So a design together with a plug and a socket function can reduce this mess and make all the cable connect simple. The concept of Continue comes from Chinese traditional luck pattern, Eight Trigrams, that means: negative and positive can be interconverted to make life continue, it is also the origin of the name and function of this design.

Designer: Jing Zheng